WXW 30/30 Poetry Challenge
Patience Please!!! All poems will be posted asap.
That's all she wrote . . .

To read poems, click on the link for the prompt/date.

Late poems are added as soon as possible.

30/30 Poetry Challenge 2014

Take the challenge. Signup now to receive a daily prompt. 30 days in April. 30 prompts. A poem a day. In 2013, over 600 people took the challenge.

30/30 for Kids

We offer a parallel challenge for kids at 3030poetrykids.com. If you're a teacher, mentor or parent, sign up to receive information about 30/30 Poetry Kids 2014.

A few housekeeping details -

  • A prompt (randomly drawn from a collection) will be sent out each day, starting March 31, via email. You should receive the prompt no later than 12 noon.
  • Poems should be returned (submitted) via email no later than 12 noon the next day. This will give you 24 hours to complete the day's challenge.
  • You may submit your poems as text in the body of an email (preferred) or as an attachment in MS Word without special formatting. Please no PDFs or image files.
  • Please keep the formatting simple.
  • Please include whatever attribution you would like - authors name, nickname, etc. If you are a student we would appreciate knowing what school you are attending.
  • Poems submitted for publication on the website should (fingers crossed here) be available for viewing by the evening of the day they were submitted.
  • The web address for the published poems will be 3030poetry.com.
  • Submit poems to poems@3030poetry.com.

Thanks for participating.

New for 2014

  • Video submissions! Use your phone, video yourself (or someone else) reading/performing your poem. Upload the video to YouTube. Send us the link. We embed it on 30/30.


Example of preferred format for submissions

Title (if any)
Name (full name, nick name, alias - your choice)
(school if student)

Lorem ipsum dolor
sit amet consectetur adipiscing

Sed faucibus
justo id molestie fringilla
nulla neque
eleifend purus

in lobortis
mi nisl quis