WordXWord Festival  
A prompt a day, make with them what you can! Share with the Facebook group, email them to a friend, or keep them to yourself.

30/30 Prompts

April is National Poetry Month and every year we throw out a challenge - we supply a prompt-a-day for 30 days and you create a poem in response to the prompt.

Who is this challenge for? It's for everyone - poets, non-poets, realtors, bankers, students, truck drivers - anyone who wants to have a little fun, try their hand at creativity and grow their brain two sizes.

The 30/30 Challenge popularity has outgrown our resources and ability to carry on the "old" way. So we've move it to a social platform context via a Facebook Group.


How it works -

  • It's a closed group. Only members can see the posts (your poems).
  • How do you become a member? Any member can add you, so if you know someone who is in the group, ask them to add you. If you don't know anyone yet, ask the group admin to add you.
  • Prompts will be posted on a daily basis to the group.
  • You are free to post your poem (response) or keep your work to yourself (many do).
  • You are invited to respond/comment to other's poems
  • This is not a forum for politics, hate, demeaning or disparaging. Keep it poetic. Please. Activity will be monitored and Admin will block individuals who are fostering or contributing to a negative environment.

Do I have to have a facebook account to participate? Yes and no. You could have a friend forward the prompts to you on a daily basis, and - assuming your friend cooperates - have them post your work, if you are so inclined. We understand Facebook reluctance, but our suggestion is that you set up a FB account (free) and, if social media makes you queasy, set all the privacy options to maximum. Not even the NSA will know what you're up to . . .